Additional Lock Options

  • A 1000-Series Anti-Drill Plate, is hardened to 58Rc to a depth of 2.5mm.
  • A 1000-Series Anti-Drill Plate, is hardened to 58Rc to a depth of 6.0mm.
  • An (EP) cover plate and a keyhole profiled escutcheon
  • Assorted cable lengths and colours are available.

Key-Override Considerations

  • (2) restricted profile keys are always included in the price of any keyed-to-differ key-override 1000-Series safe lock purchase.
  • RP40 restricted profile keys (40mm between-bitt-bow) of the key, is the default keylength supplied with the 1000-Series safe locks.
  • RP75, RP85, RP100, RP130, RP150 and RP180 are also available at no extra charge.
  • The RQK key option safe lock is priced on the basis that no keys have been provided at the time of purchase.

Keyed-Alike Lock Options

  • (2) only restricted profile keys are provided in the price for any keyed-alike lock set requested.
  • Additional keys to a keyed-alike lock set will need to be purchased separately.
  • The add-on lock options apply to all or any locks within the keyed-alike lock set request.

Keyed-Alike lock set request examples–

  • (1) x 1000-AC2/KA2 is (2) locks keyed to the same key-code (PAIR).
  • (1) x 1000-AC2/KA3 is (3) locks keyed to the same key-code (TRIPLE).
  • (1) x 1000-AC2/KAn is (n) locks keyed to the same key-code.

Restricted RQK Solution

Whilst both the ROSS restricted profile ‘WAVE’ key management systems have been successful for the emergency safe opening scenario, the (RQK) option provides a further management choice without compromising security.

With the knowledge these restricted profile keys are assembled, a joint agreement with a compliant service agency will allow these keys to be assembled on-site and dismantled once the key has served its purpose.

Solution Benefits
  • Considering the usual scenarios where a digital solution is unable to open the safe, history more than often has found the override key has been lost or is locked in the safe.
  • In many cases, time is most important. (RQK) allows a qualified technical locksmith to gain entry by assembling the ‘Key-Cuts’ onto the ‘Key-Stem’ under the security management protocol/platform put in place by the safe maker.
  • Kits can be purchased by compliant partners under the management controls of the safe maker requirements. These key kits are not made available to the general wholesale/trade marketplace.
1000-RQK/RP40 Restricted Quick Key Kit

1000-RQK/RP40 Restricted Quick Key Kit