Product Overview

The 408-Series ‘Winged’ Safe Lock was also targeted at the Grade-A Security rated units of the day. For additional security the (8) lever version with an extra two (2) 400-Series ‘open-gate’ pick resistant serrated lever added. The (4) corner fixing ferrule holes made the installation task a simple one.

Open Gate Lever
Racked Lever
The 408-Series ‘Winged’ Lever Lock consists of two types of surrated levers. (6) open gated levers and the top (2) racked levers make up the lever pack in this lock. The lever spring is shortened so as keep tension due to the positioning inside the case. The brass 102-Series key gauge will also assist in key decoding.
408-WD/R40 Safe Lock

Line Drawing

408 - Winged Line Drawing