Product Overview

Alternative: Electronic Safe Lock Option

The (Dead-Bolt) electronic safe lock can also be supplied with the purchase of an (ECL), (L02), (L22) and (BIO) electronic model. The high quality dead-bolt operated stainless-steel safe lock provides a keyless and convenient entry solution based on the standard (3) wheel combination lock footprint.

Please Note –

  • The (Dead-Bolt) electronic safe Lock also comes complete with a ‘Knob Assembly’ as pictured.
  • A key-override option is not available.

This unit is Australian Made

1000-LK3 (Dead-Bolt) Safe Lock

Product Benefits

  • Is constructed for strength, and is a quality all stainless-steel safe lock.
  • Is retrofit to the standard (3) wheel combination lock footprint.
  • The lock-case comes complete with (2) drilled and tapped ‘Re-Locker’ holes.

Line Drawing