Product Overview

The ROSS (BLE) Bluetooth model introduces a (BLE) smartphone entry solution. No entry pad is required on the door. Access control is setup and an entry is validated via your smartphone.

The (BLE) model is a Bluetooth Smart Device.

  • It is compatible with all modern Apple smartphones. Android support to follow.
  • It is totally off the grid and does not use the ‘internet or cloud’ to store any data.
  • All authorised users and ‘eKey’ data is securely stored in the PCB Controller itself.

Comes complete with Key-Override.

  • This lock option utilises (6) pick-resistant levers with a restricted profile ‘WAVE’ key.
  • Please refer to the ‘Safe Lock’ brief for further information on this option.
  • This model also comes complete with an Escutcheon and plastic ’Wave’ key profile Keyhole Insert that is inserted into the spindle hole of the safe door.

This unit is patented and Australian Made

1000-BLE Electronic Safe Lock
1000-BLE Safe Lock

Operating Features

  • This model provides a proprietary multi-layer security encryption with rolling code to eliminate unauthorised access.
  • Comprises an advanced self-defence protocol.
  • Contains intelligent anti-hacking controls and counter-measures.
The Administrator App
  • Profiles the way the lock is to be opened by its endorsed users. Operating modes include –
  • (Manual) that requires an ‘Unlock’ button to be pressed on the smartphone, or
  • (Pin-Secured) that requires a PIN to be entered on the smartphone. The ‘eKey’ profiling feature includes –
  • Distribution of ‘eKey’ profiles to all users granted access to the lock.
  • Profiles an ‘eKey’ prior to its distribution by granting a date and/or time profile that defines the time-frame in which the lock can be opened.
  • An ‘eKey’ is distributed as a steganographically encrypted SMS attachment that is unique to that user’s smartphone.
  • An Audit Trail display facility is provided.
  • Instigates the purchase of additional ‘eKeys’.
  • Has the provision to store (96) ‘eKeys’.
The User App
  • Engages with the ‘eKey’ access profile when it comes to opening the lock. Features include –
  • The ‘Open’ activation period can be set from (1) second to a (4) minute time-frame.
  • An automatic re-lock occurs at the end of this activation period.
  • A low-battery warning feature is included.

Technical Specifications

  • Powered by (2) standard 1.5v alkaline batteries. Warranty is (18) months on the electronics.