Product Overview

The (ECL) model is a (2) user based system.

  • User (1) is identified as the Manager.
  • User (2) is identified as the other user granted access to the safe.
A Super-Code is also assigned to this unit.
  • This code is an emergency override code that also enables you to reset the Manager Code. A factory reset procedure is also provided.
  • With the door open, this procedure allows this unit to be reset to its original factory settings.

This unit is patented and Australian Made

1000-ECL Electronic Safe Lock
1000-ECL Safe Lock

Operating Features

  • Access is by the entry of a 6-digit code.
  • This model is distributed with a factory set User (1) Manager Code.
Functions include
  • A Manager Code reset function.
  • A User Code set and reset function.
  • A Disable/Enable user code function.
  • A Delete user function.
Features include
  • A (4) minute lock-out is activated when (4) consecutive invalid entry codes detected.
  • An automatic re-lock occurs in (4) seconds.
  • A low-battery warning feature is included.
  • Instructions must be completed in (15) seconds.

Technical Specifications

  • Retrofit to international footprint.
  • Powered by (1) standard 9v alkaline battery.
  • Power supply range is DC 4.5v – 12.0v.
  • Low battery voltage is 5.2v.
  • Battery life range is about (1) year.
  • Working temperature range is -25˚c to +60˚c.
  • Working humidity is <90˚c.
  • Warranty is (18) months on the electronics.

Lock Options

A Key-Override option is also available.

  • This lock option utilises (6) pick-resistant levers with a restricted profile ‘WAVE’ key.
  • Please refer to the ‘Safe Lock’ brief for further information on this option.

A Dead-Bolt lock option is also available.

  • The model can also be supplied with a Dead-Bolt locking action. The key-override option is not available with this lock.
  • Please refer to the ‘Dead-Bolt Lock’ brief for further information on this option.

Entry Pad