Additional Lock Options

  • A 700-Series Anti-Drill Plate is hardened to 58Rc to a depth of 2.5mm.
  • The (standard) 700-Series Safe Lock comes complete with a Key-Stop . This can on request be removed from the lock. The keystop is provided to ensure the key can only be removed from the lock once the bolt has been thrown to the locked position.
  • Key ID Stamping options add support to the recognition and reorder process.
  • When a greater jemmy resistant solution is required, an extended-bolt (+13mm) can replace the standard-bolt. The bolt, when seated in a supplementary locking bracket takes the full force of a jemmy attack.
  • Re-Locker options are available on request –
  • Option (1) provides for a drilled and tapped bolt-head adaption.
  • Option (2) provides for a drilled and tapped lock-case adaption.

Keyed-Alike Lock Options

  • (2) only keys are provided in the price for any keyed-alike lock set requested.
  • Additional keys to a keyed-alike lock set will need to be purchased separately.
  • A keyed-alike set can be made up of (1) or a number of different handings.
  • The add-on lock options apply to all or any locks within the keyed-alike lock set request.

Keyed-Alike lock set request examples:

  • (1) x 700-SERIES/KA2 is (2) locks keyed to the same key-code (PAIR).
  • (1) x 700-SERIES/KA3 is (3) locks keyed to the same key-code (TRIPLE).
  • (1) x 700-SERIES/KAn is (n) locks keyed to the same key-code.

Key Surcharge Options

  • (2) keys are always included in the price of any keyed-to-differ 700-Series safe lock.
  • RDB65 keys (65mm between-bitt-bow) of the key is the default keylength supplied.
  • RDB35 and RDB65 keys are included in the price of all 700-Series Safe locks.
  • RDB35, RDB65 and RDB130 keys come with the standard 3/16” shaft.
  • For added strength, the longer keylength set of RDB85, RDB110, RDB150 and RDB180 keys are supplied with ¼” shafts.
  • RDB130, RDB85, RDB110, RDB150 and RDB180 all attract a per key surcharge.

Masterkeying Options

A keyed-to-differ lock set can also be masterkeyed. A masterkeying surcharge applies to each lock in the masterkey lock set and a masterkey surcharge also applies.

Component Purchase Options

  • 700-Series Lock Case and Lock Cap.
  • 700-Series Dead-Bolt (Standard/Extended).
  • 700-Series Lever Housing.
  • 700-Series Bolt Cam, Locator and Cam Plate.
  • 700-Series Lever Packs in packs of (10) : #1, #2, #3, #4 & #5.
  • 700-Series Key & Lever Kit. The kit includes a brass key gauge and laminated lever chart.

Installation Options

  • A sintered (Double-Bitted) Keyhole Insert can be purchased. Simply drill a 19mm hole through the steel plate door, countersink the inside surface to allow for a strengthened weld point and then dress-off and fit the lock.
  • A diecast Keyhole Escutcheon can also be purchased. This offers a convenient solution to hiding the keyhole on the door