Product Overview

Alternative: Electronic Bramah Safe Lock Option

ROSS has partnered with BRAMAH to provide this (Swivel-Bolt) electronic safe lock (ECL) option. This option is a further key-override variant to the ROSS restricted profile key solution.

1000-LK4 (Bramah) Safe Lock.

Product Benefits

  • The Bramah override element can be supplied KD, KA or MK lock sets.
  • The stainless-steel keys are available in lengths from 37mm to 230mm long.
  • The unique key dimensions allow retrofit without drilling to enlarge or modify existing spindle holes.
  • The (7) slide highly attack-resistant mechanism is supplied by Bramah of London, the world’s oldest patent lock manufacturer and offers in excess of half a million key variations.
  • The lock-case comes complete with (2) drilled and tapped ‘Re-Locker’ holes.

Line Drawing