Product Overview

The 700-Series Safe Lock is an evolution on the 600-Series Safe Lock, in that it incorporates a key-stem centre-line and bolt-head design that makes it retrofit to the standard (3) wheel combination lock footprint.

700STD65 Retrofit Safe Lock
700STD65 Retrofit Safe Lock

Product Benefits

  • The smaller keyway section design provides a global interchangeable platorm with dial and digital locking systems.
  • The lever housing is securely anchored between the lock-case and lock-cap and provides resistance against a jemmy attack and prevents a lever pack collapse associated with bolt-head pressure.
  • The vertical side-wall of the lever housing shrouds the lever pack and provides intrusion protection against modern burglary tools endeavouring to read the gates.
  • The cruciform design of the side-wall of the lever housing also serves as a bolt-runner and protects the gating-stump from attack.
  • The bolt-head is steeped down at the rear to prevent forceful extraction from its case.
  • The centralised bolt-tail makes picking more difficult, and the levers situated behind the bolt-tail are protected against a gate-drilling technique to align the gates.
  • There is no pivoting lever stump to drill-out and small consistent lever belly profiles prevents impressioning and key markings.
  • A Key-Code tag is always supplied with the lock to aid the registration/reorder process.

Technical Specifications

  • (9) pick resistant levers.
  • (1,900,000) possible keycode combinations.
  • (2) double-bitted brass keys are provided.
  • (7) keylengths are available.
  • Keylengths are measured by the distance between the bitt-and-bow of the key.
  • Keylengths start from 35mm (RDB35) key through to the 180mm (RDB180) key.
  • A keycode is read from the tip of the key to the ROSS embossed keybow.

Line Drawing