Product Overview

(Standard) Access Control Safe Lock Option

ROSS has seen a huge increase in the protection of drugs required by government legislation and the range of interface options offered to both the domestic and commercial users. The ROSS 12v Access Control Safe Lock range enables easy interfacing to existing access control networks.

This product comes complete with a bolt monitoring switch, 12v Actuator, termination resistors and (6) pick-resistant levers keyed to a restricted and registered key profile that provides the ultimate in security within the one universal lock footprint.

This unit is patented and Australian Made

1000-AC2/RP40 Access Control Safe Lock option
1000-AC2/RP40 Access Control Safe Lock

Product Benefits

  • The ROSS 12v Access Control Safe Lock provides a huge cost saving as the lock can be fitted to any standard safe without the need of a special redundant override plate system.
  • The 12v Actuator typically draws between 100 and 150 mA for about a 1/10th of a second and then about 11mA whilst the power is supplied.
  • The micro-switch within the lock will detect the swivel-bolt movement into the lock-case during opening. An optional self-adhesive reed-switch can also be supplied to detect whether the safe door is closed.
  • This lock is also supplied with (2) wires for power and (2) wires for the micro-switch.
  • In the event where an electronic opening is not possible, the key can be sourced or used to open the unit.
  • The knowledge that the lock is registered. A key(s) can be supplied at the time of purchase or supplied at a time when a key opening is necessary. This option may suit some end-users where the availability of a key creates concern.
  • The lock is constructed for strength and is a quality all stainless-steel safe lock. It is also certified as withstanding (10) times the bolt-head pressure requirement of Australian Standards AS4145.2.
  • The lock-case also comes complete with (2) drilled and tapped re-locker holes.

Electronic Models

Termination resistor options include –

  • 1000-AC0 is the 11.0k and 22.0k option.
  • 1000-AC1 is the 4.7k and 9.4k option.
  • 1000-AC2 is the no termination resistor option that allows you to connect to your own requirements.

Alternative Options

  • A ‘Swivel-Bolt’ Bramah (Key-Override) access control safe lock version.
  • A ‘Dead-Bolt’ access control safe lock version.

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