Additional Lock Options

  • A 900-Series Key-Stop can be added to the lock to ensure that the key can only be removed from the lock once the bolt has been thrown to the locked position.
  • A Key-Code tag can also be supplied with the lock to aid the registration/reorder process.
  • Key ID Stamping options add support to the recognition and reorder process.

Keyed-Alike Lock Options

  • (2) only keys are provided in the price for any keyed-alike lock set requested.
  • Additional key requirements to a keyed-alike lock set will need to be purchased separately.
  • A keyed-alike set can be made up of (1) or a number of different handings.
  • The add-on lock options apply to all or any locks within the keyed-alike lock set request.
Keyed-Alike lock set request
  • (1) x 900-WCL/KA2 is (2) locks keyed to the same key-code (PAIR).
  • (1) x 900-WCL/KA3 is (3) locks keyed to the same key-code (TRIPLE).
  • (1) x 900-WCL/KAn is (n) locks keyed to the same key-code.

Key Surcharge Considerations

  • (2) keys are always included in the price of any keyed-to-differ 900-Series Safe Lock.
  • R30 keys (30mm between-bitt-bow) of the key, is the default keylength supplied on LH/RH handed safe locks.
  • R40 keys (40mm between-bitt-bow) of the key, is the default keylength supplied on UP/DN handed safe locks.
  • R30, R40 and R50 keys are included in the price of all 102-Series Safe Locks.
  • R75, R85, R100, R130, R150 and R180 keys attract a per key surcharge.

Masterkeying Options

A keyed-to-differ lock set can also be masterkeyed. A masterkeying surcharge applies to each lock in the masterkey lock set and a masterkey surcharge also applies.

Component Purchase Options

  • 900-Series (LH) WELD-ON Cover.
  • 900-Series (RH) WELD-ON Cover.
  • 900-Series Lock Case
  • 900-Series Lock Cap (All Handings).
  • 900-Series Dead-Bolt.
  • 102-Series Lever Packs in packs of (10) : #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 & #6.
  • 102-Series Key & Lever Kit. The kit includes a brass key gauge and laminated lever chart.
102 Lever

Installation Options

  • A sintered (Single-Bitt) Keyhole Insert can be purchased. Simply drill a 19mm hole through the steel plate door, countersink the inside surface to allow for a strengthened weld point and then dress-off and fit the lock.
  • A diecast Keyhole Escutcheon can also be purchased. This offers a convenient solution to hiding the keyhole on the door.