Product Overview

The 102-Series Safe Lock is a re-engineered version of the 101-Series Cover-Strap Safe Lock that was introduced in 1978 as the first weld-on lock installation of its kind.

The installation of this lock avoids any drilling threading or screws by simply welding the lock cover directly onto the door. Safe manufacturers and gun cabinet makers alike recognise and welcome the smooth operation and low cost this lock provides.

102-WCUL/R30 Safe Lock
102-WCUL/R30 Safe Lock

Product Benefits

  • This high quality lock with its conventional pivot style levers, is manufactured with a steel gating stump riveted directly behind the stepped shoulder of the bolt-head.
  • Together, this design provides resistance against a forced entry or jemmy attack.

Technical Specifications

  • (6) pick resistant levers.
  • (46,000) possible keycode combinations.
  • (2) single-bitted steel keys are provided.
  • (10) keylengths are available.
  • Keylengths are measured by the distance between the bitt-and-bow of the key.
  • Keylengths start from the 30mm (R30) key through to the 180mm (R180) key.
  • A keycode is read from the tip of the key to the ROSS embossed keybow.

Line Drawing (Single Keyhole)


Weld-On Cover – Single Keyhole Option

Line Drawing (Dual Keyhole)


Weld-On Cover – Dual Keyhole Option