Product Overview

The arrival of the 600-Series Safe Lock in 1990 provided the opportunity to present an advanced safe lock design that endeavours to eliminate the conventional lock weakness and obstruct the traditional opening and drilling intrusion techniques.

600-AL/R30 Safe Lock
600-AL/R30 Safe Lock

Product Benefits

  • The introduction of the vertical lift levers, housed and anchored securely between the steel lock-case and lock-cap, restricts a forced entry.
  • The lever housing prevents a lever pack collapse against bolt-head pressure.
  • The cruciform wall design protects the gating-stump and shrouds the lever pack from interference.
  • The centralised bolt-tail protects against a gate-drilling intrusion, and makes it difficult to pick the bottom (3) levers.
  • The centralised bolt-tail also enables the reverse handing of the lock in the field.
  • The consistent contoured belly profiles on the levers resist optical/impression intrusion techniques.
  • Ball bearings fitted into the scew-bearers makes penetration by drill very difficult.

Technical Specifications

  • (6) pick resistant levers.
  • (1,000,000) possible keycode combinations.
  • (2) single-bitted steel keys are provided.
  • (10) keylengths are available.
  • Keylengths are measured by the distance between the bitt-and-bow of the key.
  • Keylengths start from the 30mm (R30) key through to the 180mm (R180) key.
  • Keycodes are read from the tip of the key to the ROSS embossed keybow.

Alternative Lock Options

  • A ‘Latch Bolt’ (Slam-Bolt) lock version.
  • A ‘Bolt-On’ lock version.
  • A restricted profile ‘Wave’ key version.
  • An (8) lever lock option.

Line Drawing